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Kristina Nabazaite catch up

Just over a year since our last interview, we had a quick chat with Kristina to find out about her current projects and reflect on the past year.

How are you? How has the past year been for you?

I am happy being able to be in the studio, create new things, learn new things. I have been affected a lot by Corona financially and psychologically, but it is saying - every bad situation has something good. I spent a lot of time back in Lithuania in my hometown, felt like I got to know my hometown again, spent a lot of time with friends, met new interesting people, gained extra unnecessary 8kg, and persuaded my mum to get a cat which she did not want at all. But now she loves him so much and plans his meals in advance, but can you blame her? Look at him!

You graduated last summer, but due to the pandemic you were not able to have a degree show. Have you found other ways to show your final year work?

I think it is funny story. My practice is printmaking so I was not able to use the studio and do what I was planning. Instead I did a presentation called "What I would do if I could".

You are currently exhibiting some new work in the Illustration Biennial that opens online 20th May. How did this opportunity come about?

My good friend told me that I should apply and I did and was accepted. It is nice, because it will be the first time my prints will be exhibited in my home country.

Being back in your print studio after all this time must be really exciting! What did miss the most? How did you continue your practice outside of the studio?

During Corona time I bought an iPad for creating things. I have made 3 illustrations with it, now it collects dust. It is a nice tool for creating, but I am missing the physicality of creating work, being in the studio.

What have you got planned for the next few months?

I am very spontaneous, and planning is not my strongest side. But I hope to print and use the studio while I can!

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